The Wolfe Tale
Karl and Mildred Nungester Wolfe

     Mildred Nungester and Karl Wolfe were both exceptionally well-trained, widely exhibiting, prize-winning artists when they met at the Dixie Art Colony in the 1930s.  They were friends and colleagues for many years before they married in 1944.  Together they established the Wolfe Studio in 1946, on a piece of land which was at the time beyond the Jackson city limits.

     Working in a wide range of media and form - painting, mosaic, printmaking, stained glass, and ceramics - Karl and Mildred created many works of art for public spaces as well as an important body of work held in collections nationwide.  Karl became a portraitist in great demand, and although Mildred painted portraits as well, she focused on landscapes and scenes of everyday life.


   Their influence on the community was also noteworthy - the Wolfes were teachers at Millsaps College as well as active participants in Allison's Wells Art Colony, the Municipal Art Gallery, and the Mississippi Art Association.

The Early Days
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                           Bebe Takes the Reins

     After Karl's death in 1984, Mildred was joined by her daughter Elizabeth (Bebe) Wolfe. Together, they continued the studio tradition; producing paintings, small sculptures, mosaics, hand-made prints, and ceramics, all bearing the distinction that marks the work of mature and thoughtful artists.
     While Mildred retired from the daily studio activities in October, 2001, she continued to paint until 2004, well into her 90's. Mildred Nungester Wolfe died peacefully at home February 11, 2009, at the age of 96.

     The studio has continued to change, grow, and thrive, becoming ever more tightly woven into the Mississippi arts community. 
The Studio Today
     The Wolfe Studio today is a bit larger than at its inception, but its heart remains the same - a vision of constant creativity and artistic innovation tucked away within a serene green landscape.  The modern Studio employs a dozen Jackson artists, all of whom work together with the guidance of Bebe Wolfe to create the small, beautiful Wolfe Birds for which the studio is famous.  Original Wolfe paintings and prints are available at the studio, as well as giclee reproductions and screen prints of works by Bebe, Mildred, and Karl.
     For more than half a century, this small cluster of buildings and trees has buzzed with creative energy.  We invite you to visit and experience the mixture of tradition and creation that makes the studio what it is today.
Welcome to Wolfe Studio.

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